Stories on the Evolution of Popular Music
The trans-Atlantic slave trade brought millions of Africans to the Americas and the Caribbean where, despite brutal conditions, they ingeniously adapted African musical instruments, lyric themes, and aesthetic principals, to make creolized New World traditions.

The major music forms in the Americas - from Afro Cuban Son, Rhumba, Pan American Salsa, Brazilian Samba, Dominican Merengue, and Trinidadian Calypso, all have African Roots.
Lectures / Workshops 

We are passionate about making Udu drums. It is a ceramic drum indigenous to our culture, the Igbos in the east of Nigeria.

We have had many musicians ask us about the origin of the ceramic Udu drum, we decided that this art form is too important to ignore. 

After many years of searching, we were glad  to locate and commission a potter in the village of Enugu, to give a demonstration of how to make a traditional Udu, in Igbo-land.

We now have a DVD about the story on how 97 years old potter shared with us the ancient craft of making pot drum (Udu Drum)

Percussion instruments today are regarded as sole making tools in the western world. In fact, the true e spiritual purpose of percussion instruments has become lost in a sea of commercial success.

In reality, many African communities, particularly before the advent of western culture, have routinely used musical instruments for spiritual healing, worshipping, waring, atonement, communication, and ultimately socially.

Getting Started
The best way to teach is to learn hands-on. These workshops are specifically designed with educators in mind. Your participation in these workshops will aide you in the design of a customized experience for you students.  From making musical instruments to teaching the history of instrument origin.

Hands-on Clay Workshop

In this workshop you will be guided on how to construct three sizes of drums. Some of these may have membrane drum heads. You will have the option to work using soft slab, pre-casted udu  and experiment on various construction techniques. Using a standard tool is essential for working on clay. While it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on tools, a few tools will make it easier for a good, precise production. To get you going, you will need the items listed: Putty knife, Ribbon tools, Small Bucket for water, Sponges, Calipers, Kidneys, Wire (to cut through clay) and Throwing ribs. Once completed, you will take your project with you at the end of the workshop. The two day ceramic workshop will conclude with a performance by the class participants.

Music Camp/Workshop
The goal of this workshop is to learn ear training, perform in small ensemble groups and gain individualized skills and technique in playing. We will familiarize students with industry standard percussion instruments,  teach improvisation techniques, conduct Jam Sessions, and promote students solo performance style when playing popular music (Ragtime to present) as well as Afro Cuban and Brazilian music.We follow an oral presentation and hands-on drums format, including the use of Multi Media. An introduction to the instruments and the different sound they make are also presented. The workshop will conclude with a performance by the participants.