Buchser Middle School
An important music education we offer at schools is sharing the history and the geography of African music. Students learn the origin and how the polyrhythms of black people came to the Americas. Through demonstration and discussion of the of the drums, students will begin to understand the role of using each drum and percussion play in a Jazz Band.
Sutter Elementary School
It is fun performing at the annual Multicultural events. The students are very excited to try their hands on playing drums. They learn how to make sounds and make music together in groups.

Alex Boye (Musician and an Actor)
"Thank you Joe! I was inspired by your presence and words, which has made me want to include an even bigger African influence in my music. I hope we can continue to stay in touch!"

Kenneth Nash
(Musician and music producer)
"I was impressed with Joe Agu's vision which is to create musical instruments and to share with the public the history, culture and especially where the instruments originated."

David Anderson (Music Teacher / Band Director)
"Joe knows world music. He can navigate his way arroung various music genre. we're always thrilled to have him at the Jazz camp, teaching students how to play Latin jazz, Samba and World beat rhythms."

Matt Hoogland (Owner Clay Planet)
"Joe has a unique way of integrating music with arts", especially making musical instruments using clay to make Ceramic Drums." 
".....we thank him for sharing the musical heritage and cultures of Africa"

Anne Earheart (Community School of Music and arts)
"Joe's workshop is well done and is knowledgeable. He is organized and professional."