Join us in discussions, lectures and conversations that cover multiple subjects in popular music culture. Stories of the various African cultures that influence the many music genres we listen to today. Talks include describing geographical location where the black people were taken from, and description of a few music instruments that originated in that region. 

Will also share with the audience my personal experiences that may help those exploring life as entrepreneurs. The goal is to assist enthusiasts through storytelling that guides them to pursuing their dream, growing the quality of life in their communities through participating and enjoying a diverse style of African diaspora music. There can never be a complete story without a discussion of percussion and drums that were used to create jazz, funk, salsa, samba and others. Those musical instruments came from ancient Africans. They became the standard musical instruments we use today, including banjo, piano to name a few. Hear stories  based on personal, cultural background, and experiences in the music industry.

Back in the day in African villages, musical instruments played specific roles, some used for social entertainment, spiritual  worship and communications. But, today physics teachers and other academics are now exploring how African village musicians have ingeniously created musicals instruments using materials found in nature.

It is rewarding sharing Afro music and Drum culture with the youths. The interactive presentation allows the student to ask questions about the origin of the instruments, such as Conga, Bongo, Bells, Udu and how they're used to produce sounds. 
Site Tour: Music and Cultural Friendship
Guest Artist appearance

It was a night of an intense drumming and percussions, before a crowd of about three thousand. Alex Boye, a professional musician, was full of energy, doing splits, drumming and telling cultural stories about African drums. We incorporated various drumming techniques, including Afro Brazilian / Afro Cuban and the Caribbean rhythms. 

Visiting Artist - San Jose State University

The video below shows a collaboration project that took place at the San Jose State University working with the Department Head, Cassandra Straubing. Students employed problem solving techniques, to use glass instead of clay to make Percussions instruments.

One item we made during the class was a Glass Udu Drum. The project concluded with each student making a presentation and showing the item the fabricated.
Clay Planet celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 31st. It was a well attended event, with huge sales on all equipments, Kilns, wheels, Clays, tools, glazes, supplies throughout the whole store. fun had by all.