An astonishing array of books, CDs and DVDs on various musical genres, provide a unique anthropological insight into the relationship between ethnography and the music of African Diaspora.

We provide books that will not only inform you about the many genres of African music, but will also give you more insight on the ethnic identity of the slaves who brought the music to the Americas.

Rite Of Rhythms - Music of Cuba: Well researched book of firsthand Cuba's musical heritage. The writer interviews the masters of Cuban music, from Chucho Valdes to Papi Oviedo.

Rites of Rhythms - Music of Cuba


This volume celebrates the rich and varied musical heritage of Africa with full color illustrations of african musical instruments.

Turn Up The Volume


Vibrant full color photographs and text capture the unique pageantry and euphoria of the world's largest party. Book and Music CD

Carnival in Rio


Mbira, what is known as "Thumb Piano" in the west is the national instrument of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. This scholarly portrayal of Shona musicians and the African Musical tradition is highly engaging and comprehensive in its range of data. The author provides the complete cultural context for the music and the meaning of the instrument. 

Soul Of Mbira


Evolution, transformation and continuity of dance in Africa.

The Spirit's Dance in Africa


Salsa, record grooves, and popular culture in Cali, Colombia's interpretation of musical forms originated by Cubans and Puerto Ricans. The city of Cali adoption of Salsa and the Afro-Caribbean rhythms helped to usher a new wave of regional musical styles during the 1970s.

A social history of Salsa in Colombia


For the Tumbuka people of Malawi, traditional medical practices are saturated with music. In this group breaking ethnography, system populated by dancing prophets, singing patients and drummed spirits.

Dance Prophets


Discover the ancient history of Udu Ceramic Drum, a popular music making instrument, originated among the Igbo ethnic group of Nigeria.
The ORIGIN OF UDU CERAMIC DRUM describes the steps in making an Udu. A few years ago, Rhythms commissioned project with village potters to share their knowledge in pottery making. We strive to document the disappearing ancient art forms, history and craft.
Origin Of Udu
The art of Udu Drum playing DVD shows techniques and lessons. Udu is one of the most popular ceramic drum which has been with the Igbo ethnic group of Nigeria, Africa dating back to the ancient times. To date, more than 40 thousand have been sold worldwide.

Udu Magic


Learn the meaning of Udu drum and how it evolved. Discover the version of the Udu used in playing music and why in the past it was an instrument exclusively used by women.

The origin of Udu drum


San Jose State University participating in beginning Art 140, use glass to make percussion (noisemakers)
Some students were asked to bring objects made of glass (bottles etc) The project concludes with making a glass Udu.

Project: Glass Noisemakers


A video account of what students did during a a two weekend account. The workshop activities includes: making an Udu drum and fabricating a micro Djembe with a membrane skin.

Clay Music Workshop


The Birth of Rhumba
The Birth of Rhumba
Based on research of African folklore, religion influence and cultural symbolism. You learn from watching this documentary how societal norms and the patriarchal structure led rise to popular music we know today. You will observe the villagers using identical musical instruments, dancing styles, but also apply the same spiritual worship as in Cuban Santeria religion.

Traditional Music Of Ozalla Village


Video is about a lunch date with a Chinese family in June 2015. It was a fascinating trip, full of surprises and an immense country with a very large population. This short documentary gives a social context between what you hear about China and the reality of being there in Beijing.

Lunch in Beijing - China


What you will learn from this video is the manufacturing techniques used by RHYTHMS, based in Santa Clara California. You will learn Mold making, Casting and finishing.

Udu Ceramic Drum - How it's Made


Video showing activities at the ceramic workshop held in the city of Mountain View - Community oSchool Of Music and Arts. Students learn history, anthropology, art, music theory and rhythm development.

Ceramic Workshop - California Sch. Of Arts


Glass Blowing Artist, Julienne Daniaux, an emigrant, originally from Madagascar, an African country off the coast of Africa. She has since become a seasoned glass blower after training under Cristelleries de Champagne, but also in Italy.

French Glass Blower