I assist music enthusiasts through storytelling that guides them in their pursuits of knowledge about the music of African diaspora. These are stories that will help them to fulfill their dreams, growing the quality of life in their communities through participating and enjoying a diverse style of African diaspora music.
I teach about the geography location, history of where the instruments originated from.
Programs and Projects
Ceramic Projects
Using clay, kids and adults alike, are taught how to use clay slab to design and hand form different drum shapes. The classroom project is an excellent exposure to the origin of Udu drum, geography and the role of drums in African culture.
The workshop ends with a music performance with the drums made in the classroom.

Music as an art in the classroom: Class Size: 10 - 35, K thru K12. Cost: From $95, per 50 minutes session. All ceramic materials, including clay and firing the unfinished clay pieces is by pre-arrangement.

Hand-on Ceramic Workshop

Ceramics and pottery has been the original vessel in many cultures from the ancient times. Traditionally, they were used as drinking cups, cooking pots, water storage vessels, wine pots and in some cases for making music. Our workshop participants use a clay slab to build and hand form beautiful Udu and Djembe ceramic drums. The second half of the workshop is to install drumheads on the drum shell. 

End of Workshop performance

Participants play their instruments with the influence of African music techniques, from Hip Hop to Jazz, Salsa, Samba, Reggae, Pop, Blues, to Rock & Roll and beyond.

The goal of this class is to show students how to make their own drums and to express themselves.

Classroom Projects

These students (left) are using Slab, Coiling, Slip casting methods to make small drums. 

During the class project,  there is continuous discussion of where the instruments originated, with the aid of m aps and multimedia.

Bringing Music To your School ( Jazz, Salsa, Soca etc...)
We teach a one week group music workshop about popular music, genre, and how to recognize the music you like.

The proposed Course goals is as follows:

Ear Training, Small ensemble groups, Individual instrumentation

Explore the African call and response drum communication language and drum technique

Familiarize students with industry standard percussion instruments.

Improvisation technique

Jam Session 


Popular Music theory ( from Ragtime to present), including Afro Cuban and Brazilian Jazz.

Music Programs

In-School demonstration

Music Camp

World beat workshop- for your music department


The cost of In-school Assemblies is from $250 / 50 minutes. 

This demonstration -participation format will include introduction of standard percussion instruments and their history. The students are invited to participate in performing traditional African rhythms, Afro Cuban rhythms, Caribbean rhythms and Samba.

Music Camp: A week long classes that will teach the students how to play popular music, from Pop to ethnic genres. Camp cost is $199 per student. 

World Beat workshop: A two week long long program design to teach a specific music genre. The time schedule is 50 minutes per session, by arrangement. Cost is $55 per session 

Journey into Africa and the Americas through Drumming

With the aid of video and audio, we present a comprehensive exploration of Africa's rich musical and  mythological heritage and the extraordinary impact it has had on American popular cultures.
Mr. Agu Shares his music adventure and stories in the musical instrument manufacturing industry. He also emphasizes the importance of recognizing the educational values in Afro music. The audience are are instructed on how to play some simple rhythms and also try their hands on the various drums on display. We encourage all children to join the school Jazz bands, it is an environment where you can learn the language of music and other life skills.

Cultural Enrichment: Students volunteer to come up and play drums and percussions. Students learn the connection between percussion and popular music.