Cajon with a twist is a Marimbata Cajon with two tunable drum heads, thumb keys, and a playing surface on the opposite side. 
Our products are sought after my musicians all over the world.
On a field studies visit to Rio de Janeiro Brazil. The trip was to discuss and find out where Samba originated.
Ceramic Drums by: Rhythms
In Nigeria the word UDU means pot in the IGBO language. Each Udu is handmade from ceramic clay. The Udu stereo has a double chamber and is played with the palm and fingers of your hands.
We conduct ceramic workshops, in a step by step format, on how to make various sizes of Udu drums. Including a model with skin drum head.

Join us in discussions, lectures and conversations that cover multiple subjects in popular music culture. Stories of the various African cultures that influence the many music genres we listen to today. Talks include describing geographical location where the black people were taken from, and description of a few music instruments that originated in that region. 

Will also share with the audience my personal experiences that may help those exploring life as entrepreneurs. The goal is to assist enthusiasts through storytelling that guides them to pursuing their dream, growing the quality of life in their communities through participating and enjoying a diverse style of African diaspora music. There can never be a complete story without a discussion of percussion and drums that were used to create jazz, funk, salsa, samba and others. Those musical instruments came from ancient Africans. They became the standard musical instruments we use today, including banjo, piano to name a few. Hear stories  based on personal, cultural background, and experiences in the music industry. They are the stories that promote cultural understanding and cultural equity.

In the podcast series I will discuss the origin of music that can be traced to the first appearance of humans in Africa. 

A discussion of music as a tool, accompaniment used in all aspects of our lives.

I will share information on how to find your own space to enjoy the many music genres out there, including the socio psychological benefits we derive from many music with African roots.


Discussion with presentations will touch on the differences in European and African music, and what all music has in common. How all music shares similar cultural beginnings rooted in spiritualism - whether it is Catholicism, hinduism, Buddhism or African spiritualism of ancestral worship. 

Craftsmanship and re-engineering of ancient African instruments. 
Discussion, doing class project of how to make hand drums and percussion.
Our workshops help you create ceramic drums using clay.